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Child Nobuko G. Select from the list of activities to monitor: phone calls, text messages, GPS location and more. You hold down on the particular message until the black menu appears, then select More Hold the message u want to forward. A bar with copy, more, and speak will appear.

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Click more and the little circles appear beside the message and the arrow to forward appears at bottom of the screen along with the trash can. Hope this helps.

I really dislike the new photo album. Visually it is unpleasant, with white background, and too much text.

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I find browsing photos very unpleasant. I particularly miss the places view with the world map and red pins - I used to enjoy browsing around at places I have visited, and it was also very intuitive and easy to find photos. After upgrading to ios 7, I can't log into Messenger or FaceTime. But I can log into Apple and iTunes Store. I reset my password 3 times and I'm running out of password ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You mean iMessage and FaceTime? Maybe try some of these Nope, this is something Apple did to draw more attention to the notification. You can quickly hide the alert by sliding down the Notification Center and sliding it back up.

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Or, you can create a gray background instead of the blurry wallpaper by adjust the contrast. Check out our complete guide to customizing iOS 7 wallpapers for help with the contrast. Wait, it's there if you hold down the. Can I please change this?!? Mine doesn't seem to work 3 out of 5 times. I have to hit it twice to wake up the phone a lot. Tried restarting this morning, and It took me a couple tries. The screen kept flickering instead of displaying the "slide to shutdown" slider.

My husband tried to download an app and it is frozen at the "OK" to download step. Any ideas on how to fix this glitch? I had a similar issue. I exited the App Store, powered my phone off, powered it on, and tried again. It worked for me. The same way you could before, by pressing and holding down on the app you want to remove.

The apps will jiggle around and there will be an X to tap on—that'll delete the app from your Home screen. I can't stand the white text in the blue background.

It bothers my eyes. Is there any way to switch it to black? No, there's no manual way to change the text color. If you want black text, you'll have to use a white or near-white custom wallpaper, or one of the following 8 stock wallpaper options none of them are dynamic. For more help, see our complete guide to customizing iOS 7 wallpapers for help with font colors. I definitely miss the old color code for the Caps Lock. I like the old 3D kind type look of the app icons.

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It'd be nice though. Even if they just added a shortcut to "Settings" in the Control Center, it'd be easier to do things like check out what Wi-Fi network you're using. Maybe one day I don't want to have to slide a bar over every time I want to use my phone. How can I turn that off?!!!!! I do not like any of the changes. Did someone consider that some people have vision issues and that some colors are not good for visually impaired? Forgot about the Messages..!

How I miss the old bubble texts with beautiful Blue and Green colors. Now the blue is ugly and the green is definitely ugly..!!!

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I agree on the colors I see what you mean about the caps color coding too. Not impressed with much of the upgrades now. I'm also having trouble saving photos from Facebook. It keeps telling me I have to go to the camera settings and allow access but so far I can't figure it out. The screen kept freezing trying to post and the page kept 'jumping'when I tried posting.

Facebook freezes often. Miss the old keyboard.

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Can't backup anything Bc suddenly I don't have enough storage though I deleted tons of apps videos and pics in irfer to download iOS 7. Battery drains faster. Miss the way the old camera works. Still going thru all but there are a lot if things I do like, as long as my phone doesn't freeze so I can enjoy it. Trying to charge up to full, but it seems to be taking forever to charge my iPod Touch. Have you seen our guide to stopping battery drain in iOS 7 yet? I'd try out some of those tips to maximize your daily power.