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  3. Send and receive text messages on iPhone.

Skip to main content. Banners Choosing to have incoming text messages appear as banners makes them appear in a box at the top of your screen. Alerts Alerts are the default display mode for text messages on the iPhone. Lock Screen You can elect whether to display messages on your iPhone's lock screen.

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Preview Message Turning on the "Preview Message" feature displays as much of your incoming message as will fit in either the banner or alert message box. No Notification If you don't want to be notified of text messages in any fashion, you can turn off all notifications.

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  • About the Author Tyson Cliffton has been writing professionally since Accessed 26 October So the workflow button was the best I could do for now. Totally open to other ideas!!!!

    #1 Disk Drill – the iPhone data recovery solution

    If a date is in the email or message you can tap on it to create a reminder directly from the message or email. Another method is one of my personal favorite tricks, which is to use Siri for creating a reminder. I have a long message thread between myself and a good friend that I wanted to keep, so I scrolled up all the way to the beginning of the conversation, and printed it to PDF. I have an app called Phone View that does this too.

    Since iMessage is now finally synced through iCloud, I can do this with any message thread if I want to make sure it gets saved. Howie, hi. I have a long text thread I want to save to pdf. I have an iphone and Mac. Is this still a thing? The PDF will start printing at wherever you are in the message screen to the end.

    That can take a while. This technique preserves the imessage format and puts thumbnail images of any attachments.

    How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone

    I have the ultimate way to save messages and more. There is an inexpensive software called PhoneView. Install it as an application and it automatically and easily saves your iMessages and more when you connect your iPhone to your computer. Note: I have no connection with PhoneView software other than being an owner and user. I did figure this out for myself to make the screenshots.

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    • Set up text message forwarding.
    • I then edit them to take out any part that is not needed. I then open Google drive, next: choose new, doc. I paste the screenshots in that new doc. Save it with a name, and file it. You can also make notes in that same doc for the screenshots come in as pictures,.

      You can make them larger or smaller. From there it can be printed and saved as a PDF, and stored in files in Google or on your computer in the document file. They can be attached as any file and emailed to another person.

      How to Activate or Enable iPhone SMS Delivery Report

      I am a Real Estate agent. It is very important to have copies of important conversations to track a transaction. You left out the easiest method: select the desired text, copy it, and paste it into a text file. Those text messages you thought were gone when you deleted them are still hanging around your iPhone. Text messages hang around after you delete them because of how the iPhone deletes data.

      When you delete some kinds of items from the iPhone, they aren't removed. Instead, they're marked for deletion by the operating system and hidden so they appear to be gone, but they're still on the phone. To permanently delete text messages from your iPhone, there are a few things you can do to either get rid of them or make them harder to find:. Sync Regularly: When you sync with iTunes or iCloud the items you've marked for deletion are erased. Sync regularly. You control the apps Spotlight searches and which it ignores:. From your home screen , tap Settings.

      Now, when you run a Spotlight search on your phone, text messages won't be included in the results. Erasing all data on your iPhone does just what it sounds like: it erases everything stored in your iPhone's memory, including your text messages marked for deletion. Of course, it deletes your music, email, apps, and everything else, too.