2. Cares about his appearance much more than usual

Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me? These Signs Reveal the Truth

Perhaps they give you an odd glance or there's something cold in their eyes that doesn't quite feel right to you. When you ask what's wrong, you may get a shrug or a defensive, "Nothing! Get off my back already. Here's what I know from my professional experience as a relationship therapist: If you're suspecting that your partner may be hiding something, if a sinking feeling in your gut is telling you "something's off, " then it's absolutely time to pay attention.

Your intuition is sounding an alarm. Here's a quick checklist of cheating red flags from my book, Chatting or Cheating: How to Detect Infidelity, Rebuild Love, and Affair-Proof Your Relationship that can help you determine if the subtle or not-so-subtle shifts in your partner's behavior may be signs that they're cheating:. Red Flag 1 They're suddenly more aloof, withdrawn or want more "space.

Your partner may seem zoned out, lost in thought or less available to you. They talk in terms of "me" or "I" instead of "we" or "us," as in "The next time I go on vacation, I want to go to Hawaii. They might even say you're "smothering them. Red Flag 2 They've lost interest in you, your problems and sex. When you bring up a problem, your partner tells you it's no big deal or tells you that their problems are worse. They're not as emotionally supportive. Even when they're home, you feel a lonely void between you, like there's no one with whom to share your thoughts or feelings.

There's less affection and passion. When you suggest making time to connect you get back " Not now babe" or "Maybe later.

Red Flag 3 They get easily annoyed, defensive or argumentative. When an affair be it cyber, emotional or physical has begun, the cheater may want to sugar-coat their guilt and justify the affair. Making you the bad guy helps them feel better. That's why a cheating partner may try to find ways to blame you for their indiscretions. They start fights, pick on you, push every button you've got and may even accuse you of cheating. Cheaters are good at transferring the guilt onto you -- don't buy into it. Red Flag 4 They're not immediately available when you call, text or email them. Your partner is spending more and more time away from you, and they're more difficult to reach.

When you try calling on their cell phone, you get voicemail.

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Sometimes it's a case of someone casually dating a few people at once; more bruising for all involved is when someone manages to get away with living multiple lives with different partners for months or years at a time. More Doctor Foster , Bliss or The Affair than John Tucker Must Die, it leaves the once trusting, betrayed party -ies believing the whole relationship was a lie, blaming themselves and asking: why? There may be sexual compulsions and the desire for multiple partners to fulfil those needs. They may have created a fantasy around themselves.

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It may give the person a sense of power and control of others that they themselves may not feel in their everyday life, thus masking feelings of inadequacy. For someone like this, Mutanda says, "a relationship is about getting their needs met, no matter how it affects the other person. The problem is that it's easy to be sucked in by them, meaning that their "victims" shouldn't blame themselves.

She shares her story — and shocking discovery — with Refinery To be honest, it started out as a rebound thing but he got intense very quickly. I was trying to keep things casual, and at the beginning I didn't want our relationship to escalate as much as it did. He told me he loved me after a month and said, 'You're exactly what I've been looking for'. It was very over the top and he behaved like this the whole time we were together. I'm not like that and had never been with anyone like that before.

Looking back, he was manipulating me and was very clever about it. I was always a bit on edge throughout the relationship — he wanted to put a label on it within weeks and his grand gestures of emotion would freak me out. But there were so many good things about it and I was going through a busy period with work. All my friends and family met him and really liked him, although a couple of people said 'he talks about himself too much' and called him narcissistic. My dad thought he said 'thank you' too much.

Soon after we started dating I found out he had a child, and he introduced me to her early on, after just a couple of months. I told him it was quite soon to take such a big step, and he said, 'I know, but I think you're a really strong influence for her and will be such a good role model. But I formed a strong bond with his daughter, even though we weren't a strong couple at that point. At the time, I just thought he was an emotional, romantic person.

What I didn't realise was that he was sleeping with other people the whole time we were together. I thought it was strange and asked who she was. He said, 'I think she might like me a bit but nothing has happened or would happen. I'm friends with one of her friends and she comes and hangs out.

He acts out of character

Dan introduced me as a friend who had a close relationship with his child. One morning I was doing some work on his laptop when an email notification popped up. I thought, What the fuck? He had a secret son who was the same age as his daughter. When I confronted him he sat down and cried. He was apologetic that he hadn't told me, and said it had been a difficult time for him and he deeply regretted not being able to see his son. It was all bullshit.

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A year after we started dating, the whole thing blew apart. It was my birthday and all my friends and I went out to celebrate. As you become more watchful, pay particular attention to his phone. Don't go in for it. Just become aware of it. Sometimes, in becoming more vigilant, you'll notice positive signs. Ensure you write these down, too.

Perhaps, you notice him leaving his phone absentmindedly around the house or leaving his social media logged in. Positive signs in your list may also add up. If your mental stress hasn't been eased by your list and increased vigilance or, if your suspicions have worsened , then it's time to sit your boyfriend down and have "the talk.

Approach this talk as you would a relationship problem talk.

It's not a cheating talk. Phrase everything as you, rather than him.

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Don't pull out your list.