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Luckily, a skilled birth attendant, also trained by OHW, was there to help. Manju had a difficult experience with her own first child. Married at the age of 14, she found herself pregnant by age She did not know, at the time, that she could go to the health facility and have a safe delivery with the help of trained medical providers. Manju endured through six days of labor, feeling weak and helpless, before finally giving birth at home. Due to the pain and blood loss, she struggled to recover.

Two and a half years later, Manju had her second child at the nearest health post. It was a normal delivery. Thanks to the work of FCHVs like her, people in the village are beginning to understand the importance of visiting health facilities for check-ups and deliveries.

From a shy person who never went to school, she has become a confident woman who can read, write, and educate her community about safe motherhood. It has definitely been a life-saving tool. Manju Maya Chepang, in the light blue sari worn by FCHVs During her eight years of service, Manju has played a crucial role in saving the lives of many mothers and newborns.

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The birthing tent at Dhusha Health Post The system has worked wonders to save the lives of mothers and newborns in Dhusha as well. This site uses cookies, find out more here.

How to Track Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Okay, thanks. Before proceeding make sure you have the following details. Make sure you follow the below post carefully. NTA is the central authority body of Nepal which directs,supervise and manage the telecommunication operator of Nepal. All operator running in Nepal must obey the rules and regulations along with the commands as directed by NTA. From , it have helped to find and get your lost mobile phones in Nepal.

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At first we need to fill the form which includes all the phone details along with the personal details. This is the link where you will be putting details.

Now after this, you need to put details of the phones along with IMEI. IMEI is the 15 digit unique number of the device. One thing you should never do mistake is in filling the imei. I have attached the sample picture for your reference here:. Always give correct details. After filling the form, click submit button which is at the button of the website. After all the process is complete. You can even Trace your device using this link.

Mobile Tracking System in Nepal - GPS Nepal

Keep in mind, approving the form generally takes days during office hours. After the form gets approved, you can check the same link above to race mobile and get details whether your mobile is traced or not. Because getting a phone back just in days have never been a practical because to trace mobile, working sim should be put in mobile handsets. Nepal Police have been providing this service from very early before NTA have started service. In order to complain for lost or stolen handset you should visit the nearby local police station.

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However,in order to find your lost mobile phones, it should be lost or stolen within Nepal. You can check this link where you can call on mention hotline number. They will guide you details. If you visit there you will find the separate block to handle these issues. There you need to fill the form including details of the phones model.

After that you should visit there more frequently like 1 day a week or in 10 days.

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However if police get your phone back, they will call you. However, I suggest that you follow regularly because there are so many cases pile up daily.